Women's CRE8 Shorts

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"Oh, they are so, Soft." "I love how comfortable they are." Last, " A Perfect Fit"... are a few of the titles our shorts have been given.

Cre8 Women's Shorts are absolutely perfect for a chill day at the house or a cute outing with the girls. Our Cre8 Shorts are perfect for any occasion that fits your everyday reality.

Cre8 your reality With Cre8 Apparel


-Backside: The words "CRE8" are across the backside middle
-Right side: the words "life is the canvas" 
-Left side: the stamp logo, the are 2 types of print used for these shorts.
-Available colors:  Royal Blue/ White, Gold/ White, Black/White
-Sizing runs from S/M, M/L, LG/XL ( one size fits most ) material does stretch
-* Pockets Included  (Available on Selected Styes only)
-100% Cotton
 -White Seamed Trim
- White Drawstring

Warning: These can easily become what is called "Everyday Shorts." Wear at your Own Risk.  Addiction to the comfort of Cre8 Apparel Clothing is Normal. Side effects include: wearing to do absolutely nothing, Sleeping in your Cre8, and Never wanting to take your Cre8 Apparel off.

Cre8 Your Reality with Cre8 Apparel