How to place your Custom print order Online


 How to place a Custom order with Cre8 Via the website:


1. Fill out the custom Inquiry Form ( we will typically respond to your email within 24-48 hours (M-Th)

 - Please be sure to provide us with complete detail of what you would like for your custom order, if you are unsure of what that is specifically, that is ok, Simply let us know that you are unsure and we can contact you back to further assist at our earliest convenience you want for your custom order.

- Please allow us time to reply to your inquiry.

2. Be sure to Include your Artwork in your original request.

-  Your Artwork Should not be a Screen shot, or a copyrighted photo,  Acceptable formats for Artwork are. PDF. PNG. . SVG 

    ***When placing an order, especially for custom prints there are important things to remember.***


    1. Be sure your artwork is in the correct format for printing. The best format for printing is .PDF and .SVG. If any changes need to be made to your artwork to convert it to a printable version an additional fee of $50 will be added to your quote.
    2. If you have any special requests or preferences in any of your; materials, product brand/style/color, or vinyl style/color - please let us know during your consultation or in an email sent to
    3. Once your order is placed, and artwork is approved, any changes made to the order after approval stages are subject to an updated invoice reflecting those changes that will need to be paid within ten (10) days to start the printing process.
    4. Here at Cre8 Co. we want to ensure our business owners and creatives get the memorable experience they deserve. In order to ensure our best performance, please be sure to fill out the our questionnaire in its' entirety. Remember to be very detailed in your responses to receive the most accurate quote and 100% quality control. If one of our questions are a little challenging or any inquiries arise, please don't hesitate to contact us at

    Type of Vinyl Materials

    VINYL What to know: *** Please note with different materials and garments based on print style material may react differently to Heat. ***There are multiple types of vinyl available (if you have a specific request be sure to specify this when placing your order (you can send an additional email, or reply back to quote)

    • Patterns (multiple patterns available upon request)
      • There's a lot of variety for patterned vinyl such as florals, stripes, and even polka pots - the possibilities run endless - just inquire.
    • Holographic (limited colors available)
      • Shows different shades of color depending  on the direction you look at it. It's bright and perfect for unicorn themed projects
    • Foil (multiple colors available)
      • Similar to holographic vinyl except it doesn't change colors when you tilt it. It's shine will bring many to their knees. (can be layered)
    • Easyweed (multiple colors available)
      •  Basic HTV Vinyl given its name due to the ease of weeding the product after it is cut. (can be layered)
    • Perfect Press (multiple colors available)
      •  Softer, smoother HTV Vinyl that can be applied to nylon, cotton and Polyester garments
    • Flock (limited colors available)
      • A material that rises up off the garment very similar in the look and feel of felt. It is applied by heat and can also be removed with heat. (can be layered)
    • Glitter (multiple colors available)
      • We LOVE glitter ! Although glitter adhesive is fairly tricky to work with were up to the task - and its not our first rodeo. (can be layered)
    • Brick (limited colors available)
      • 600 micron thick and flexible vinyl that adds extra dimensions to your garments. Creates a "Raised") look from the vinyl, Applies separate multi media to the garment. (cannot be layered) 
    • 3-D (limited colors available)
      • Expanding multi-layered Polyurethane. designed to give your garments an extra pop or puff, As the heat is applied the vinyl expands and puffs up creating an effect similar to screen print.
    • Glow in the Dark (limited)
      • Are you afraid of the dark or ready to glow up - literally?

     Product Types


    T-Shirts | Crewneck Tees & Sweatshirts | V-necks | Hoodies | Baseball Tees | Sweatpants | Socks | Dad Hats | Varsity Jackets

    Please contact a customer service specialist today for availability on any specific style that was not previously mentioned. You think it, we print it!

    Home Decor

    Mugs | Wall Decals | Posters


    Let us grow with you on your business journey. We've got everything you need to scale your business. From your first steps designing your business cards to printing your window decals for your brick & mortar. We can design, print, and install (installation is only available in Atlanta - and surrounding areas). 

    Banners | Car Decals | Personalized Pens | Business Cards | Table Tents | Brochures | Label Stickers | Hand tags | Posters | Tickets

    and CRE8 offers so much more....